Fire Escape addition to Lime House Care Home

Here at Carter Fabrications, we’re happy to have worked with the Lime House Care Home in Warrington on our most recent project, adding a fire escape to the rear of their building.

This installation added a functioning fire escape to the care home that meets all of the required fire safety regulations.

In this case study, we will explain the work we did and how it benefits the staff and residents of Lime House.

Installing a fire escape for Lime House Care Home

The Carter Fabrications team installed this new fire escape to the rear of the building, giving the structure a safe fire exit that adheres to the relevant fire safety regulations.

Lime House Care Home Fire Escape

We worked with Lime House at every step of the way, from design to installation.

Given the contemporary structure of Lime House, we made sure that the fire escape was practical as well as in keeping with the design of the historic building.


Lime House Care Home Fire Escape

The fire escape stretches to the second floor, with structural supports at each level to keep it sturdy.

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Fire Escape addition to Lime House Care Home
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