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Here at Carter Fabrications, we have been manufacturing using the highest quality materials for over twenty-five years, meaning we can provide our clients with expert advice and exceptional products for use in the domestic and industrial sectors.

Structural steel is a highly sought-after material due to it being incredibly durable but still lightweight. Carter Fabrications offer the use of structural steel in all our products, including fire escapes, staircases, balconies, balustrades and more.

Fully Compliant Structural Steelwork Fabricators

The structural steel we use is fully compliant with BS EN 1090 execution class 2 for CE marking. When necessary, we can offer a full report with every job, so you have peace of mind knowing our work is fully compliant with current building control and regulations.

Our team are also happy to provide a detailed drawing before installing any of our products for a small fee. You can be sure you are happy with the work we are providing and make any amendments or adjustments you see necessary.

Benefits When Constructing With Structural Steel

Structural steel is fortified through the addition of extra carbon to an iron base. The increased amount of carbon, and in some cases manganese, creates a metal that is strong and durable yet remains lightweight and easy to mould. Structural steel is a cost-effective solution due to its varied ductility, which means construction can usually be completed quickly and efficiently.

Structural Steel Balcony

Steel Joints & Beams Require Less Maintenance

Repairs are usually minimal when it comes to structural steel due to its sturdiness, allowing beams, joints and various other parts to support a high load with minimal sagging.

In the instance a repair or replacement is needed to your building, whether it be a balcony in your home or a staircase as part of a fire escape, structural steel is an economically advantageous choice. Carter Fabrications offer a range of services and products that can be created to match to your specifications or requirements.

If you are a business and want to add industry-approved additions to your building, then take a look at our range of industrial metal fabrication services, all of which can be made with structural steel!

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Structural Steel Designs Available

If you would like to know more about structural steel or if you have any queries about the products we offer, then get in touch with our expert team today. Call us on 01282 420 651, or if you would prefer a call back at your convenience, contact us online!

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