Merry Christmas from Carter Fabrications

Merry Christmas from Carter Fabrications!

December has come, and the entire team at Carter Fabrications would like  to wish all of our lovely customers a very Happy Christmas. It’s been a challenging year for both individuals and businesses once again, and Carter Fabrications is grateful to have weathered the storm...

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sliding gate

What are the advantages of having electric gates?

If you’re currently debating whether to equip your property with electric gates, be it your business or your home, it’s a big decision and the likelihood is that you will want to conduct some research on the matter before you make your final decision. Hence...

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glass balcony

Add Glass Balustrading to Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

There are a number of fantastic benefits to implementing glass balustrading in a domestic or commercial property. The glass adds a sleek, elegant feel to either the exterior and interior of a building. Carter Fabrications are highly experienced in dealing with metal and glass as a material for...

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glass balcony

Choosing the Right Type of Balcony for your Property

Carter Fabrications is a leading supplier of high-quality balconies for domestic and commercial properties. It’s important to find the right balcony to suit your building, taking into account the size of the property, aesthetics and its purpose. Which balcony is right for you? The specialists at Carter...

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Juliet Balcony

Is a Juliet Balcony Worth It?

Allowing you to connect with the outdoors from the comfort of your home, Juliet balconies are still resonating with homeowners in both modern and traditional styles. Due to their simplicity and versatility, Juliet balconies are a great way to enhance your home and are customisable, allowing...

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Repositioning Staircase

Repositioning a Staircase – Is It Worth It?

If you are renovating your home and want to achieve a fresh appearance or create new space, repositioning the staircase is a popular and viable option. Despite what may appear to be a complex task at first glance, repositioning a staircase is actually more straightforward than...

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Flat roof balcony

Converting your Flat Roof Into a Balcony

Transform your flat roof into a balcony to make the most of those early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets. Flat roof balconies, also referred to as terraces, provide an unrivalled opportunity for socialising and relaxing in the comfort of your own home, whilst adding significant...

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A guide to metal fabrication

Metal fabrication, often referred to as sheet metal fabrication or simply ‘metalworking’, is the process of taking raw materials and transforming these into metal structures for use in all kinds of industries. In this article, we will provide a guide to metal fabrication and give examples...

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Customised Cocktail Bars for Commercial and Public Use

The highly talented and experienced steel and metal fabricators at Carter Fabrications are able to work on a range of projects, in a variety of environments. One of our specialities that are seeing an unprecedented rise in popularity is our steel fabricated cocktail bars in...

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Installing a fire escape for Lime House Care Home

Fire Escape addition to Lime House Care Home

Here at Carter Fabrications, we’re happy to have worked with the Lime House Care Home in Warrington on our most recent project, adding a fire escape to the rear of their building. This installation added a functioning fire escape to the care home that meets all...

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