What are the advantages of having electric gates?

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If you’re currently debating whether to equip your property with electric gates, be it your business or your home, it’s a big decision and the likelihood is that you will want to conduct some research on the matter before you make your final decision. Hence why you have landed on this post!

More and more people are now improving their property with electric gates, and here at Carter Fabrications, our experts are regularly quizzed on the key benefits of installing electric gates.

Are Electric Gates Worth It?

Electric gates provide a wealth of benefits for businesses and homeowners alike.

Carter Fabrications has been successfully installing electric gates for a number of years, so allow our expert team to explain the multitude of advantages from installing electric gates outside your property.

1. Privacy and safety

Arguably the most stand-out benefit of electric gates is the enhanced levels of privacy and safety that they supply.

Particularly for homeowners with families and pets, a convenient electric gate for your driveway will form a solid boundary between your home and the outside world, and you will be able to easily control who can gain access to your property.

2. Increased property value

If you ever come to the point when you are looking to sell your business or home, then your property will be a much more attractive prospect for any potential buyers if you have had electric gates installed.

3. Aesthetically pleasing

One of the more commonly known benefits of electric gates is simply how stunning they will look. Electric driveway gates are a fantastic decoration for your property that are certain to impress your neighbours or customers.

Picking an electric gate design that perfectly complements the style of your home or business can completely revamp the appearance of your property.

4. Highly convenient

Another brilliant benefit that electric gates produce is their levels of convenience. As the gate is electrically operated, you do not have to physically open and close the gate in order to access your property.

5. Long term cost-effectiveness

On top of increasing the value of your property, electric gates also provide financial benefits in the long term. For example, you are likely to make major savings on your home or business insurance as your insurer will be aware of the enhanced levels of protection that your property now has.

Can I Install My Own Electric Gates?

Legally, there is nothing to suggest individuals can’t install their own electric gates using a DIY kit. However, there are various complex elements to the installation process and as a result, we would highly recommend not only having your electric gates manufactured by an expert, but also installed by a highly qualified team.

Discover a Wide Range of Electric Gates in Lancashire!

Whatever style of electric gates you are looking for, here at Carter Fabrications we can provide you with a bespoke gate that is assured to match both your requirements, and your budget.

Each and every one of our electric gates are finished and installed by a dedicated team who carry out their work with the utmost care and attention to detail. We will work closely with you to understand your needs, whilst providing our expert opinion when necessary so that you are provided with the perfect solution.

So learn more about how the Carter Fabrications team can help you equip your home or business with the electric gates of your dreams by visiting our dedicated gates, railings and fencing section.

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What are the advantages of having electric gates?
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