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Fire Escapes For Businesses, Offices & Industrial Units

At Carter Fabrications, we manufacture and install top quality fire escapes made from stainless steel and metal. Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, our team has a great deal of experience and knowledge that helps provide customers with high quality fire escape staircases in any environment.

Our fire escapes are available in a wide range of designs and finishes whilst our exterior fire escapes are galvanised to provide a high standard and long lasting finish. This page is accompanied with an impressive set of images which showcases the superior standard of our work in a wide range of locations. The images also showcase how we supply fire escapes from single to multi-level for both industrial and public sectors.

Fire escape staircases designed to fit their surroundings


Whilst fire escapes all do essentially the same job, we understand that it’s important for them to complement their surroundings whether it’s in professional office environments, a block of flats or even on top of a roof. That’s why we’ll work with you throughout the design process, taking in your design ideas so the end product is something you truly want. So if you want just a normal structured fire escape you can have it, or if you want something more extravagant like a spiral design, we provide that option too.

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As we mentioned previously, as part of our fire escapes service we also provide walkways on roofs that provide a great source of access to often hard to reach areas of a building. Essentially, with a roof fire escape, you’re benefitted with a product that has more than just one use, making it ideal for industry and security.

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Cost Effective External Metal Staircase Installation

If you are looking for the perfect external fire escape stairs for your building, then you do not need to look past the specialists here at Carter Fabrications.

Our dedicated team will carry out a complete assessment of your building to supply you with the ideal fire escape stair system that reflects your wishes, whilst also suiting your requirements.

Furthermore, it is our goal at Carter Fabrications to provide each and everyone of our clients with value for money on our external fire escape stairs prices. Our experts will work tightly with you to offer an effective solution that matches your budget.

What is the minimum width of a fire escape staircase?

The width of the staircase depends on the number of people the building occupies. However, it should be no less than 750mm. Commercial fire escape stairs width should also not be less than the width of the door that grants access to the exit stairs. They must also not reduce in width at any point, from the top to the bottom.

How many fire exits are required in a building?

All public and commercial buildings require suitable fire exits and escape routes. Standard practices require a building to have at least two fire exit routes, to ensure prompt evacuation of occupants during an emergency. The number of exits must allow for safe evacuation of occupants, therefore depending on the size of the building, some may need more than two fire exits.

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There’s such a scope to choose from that we highly recommend you give us call today to discuss your fire escape staircase design requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01282 420651.

Alternatively, Carter Fabrications will be in touch at your convenience when you contact us online.

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