Add Glass Balustrading to Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

There are a number of fantastic benefits to implementing glass balustrading in a domestic or commercial property. The glass adds a sleek, elegant feel to either the exterior and interior of a building.

Carter Fabrications are highly experienced in dealing with metal and glass as a material for your property. We have installed a significant amount of glass balustrading in a range of homes.

Take a look at some of the ways in which you can use glass balustrading in your home or commercial building.

Glass Balustrading from Carter Fabrications

Glass Balustrading for Staircases

Having glass balustrading on a staircase adds class and elegance to your home. Interior glass balustrading for staircases will make your property lighter and give the building a much more spacious feel.

Glass Balustrading for an Outdoor Area

An outdoor area that is cordoned off by glass balustrading works extremely well in commercial locations, like pubs and restaurants with space to sit outdoors.

You may also want to install glass balustrading in your garden, perhaps around a decked or patio area, to separate the socialising section of your garden from the greener areas.

Glass Balustrading for a Hall or Landing

Glass balustrading for a hall or landing works well in modern homes, as well as upmarket commercial properties, like contemporary art galleries and museums. Not only does glass balustrading have a safety benefit, it also looks fantastic.

Combine glass balustrading on a landing or hallway that features wooden floors and a neutral colour painted on the walls, and you’ll ensure a modern, flawless aesthetic in your property.

Glass Balustrading for Balconies

Glass balustrading is a key safety feature for domestic or commercial balconies, for example, in residential flats and hotel rooms. We have a wide range of balconies available too, like our glass floor balcony.

Not only does it have a much more upmarket look than standard railing, glass balustrading can help enhance the view and curb appeal of a property’s outdoor space. If you like the sound of glass balustrading, read about glass balustrade regulations UK.

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Here at Carter Fabrications, we are experts when it comes to both domestic and commercial properties and we can install the perfect glass balustrades for you. Take a look at our gallery to see pictures of glass balustrades and other work from Carter Fabrications.

Based in Lancashire, if you would like to find out more about our glass balustrading, then please contact us online or get in touch with a member of the team on 01282 420651.

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Add Glass Balustrading to Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
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