A guide to metal fabrication

HouseMetal fabrication, often referred to as sheet metal fabrication or simply ‘metalworking’, is the process of taking raw materials and transforming these into metal structures for use in all kinds of industries.

In this article, we will provide a guide to metal fabrication and give examples of metal-fabricated products.

What is metal fabrication?

The process of metal fabrication begins with raw materials.

These are sourced and then used as the basis for the production of metal.

A typical example of this is the use of iron ore, which is mined from the ground as part of the process to create steel.

Smelting is then undertaken to remove impure compounds.

After this, carbon is added to the mixture to develop steel.

Different methods are then used, such as cutting and casting, to create the final product in the correct shape and size.

What is the difference between welding and metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication differs from welding in that it is involved in the entire process of production, from sourcing raw materials to finishing the final product ready for sale to industry.

Welding is a part of the metal fabrication process and involves joining two metal structures together.

A typical example is to attach smaller metal pieces together to form a larger piece.

Welding can also be used to strengthen metal.

What are the types of fabrication?

There are many different types of fabrication.

The best method to use depends on different factors, including the intended product type once fabrication has been completed.

Some popular types of fabrication include: cutting, welding, folding, machining, burning, casting, bending, punching, shearing, and stamping.

The most popular methods are outlined in more detail below:


One of the most common methods, cutting involves reducing metal into smaller sizes, such as into panels or metal bars.


Folding is more complex but necessary for some end products. Specialist equipment is required to manipulate and bend metal.


The most well-known metal fabrication method.

Welding is used to join together two pieces of metal. It is also used to increase strength.


A process where the manufacturer will remove a section of metal from another using advanced and precise machinery.


The most traditional of methods, casting involves pouring molten metal into a mold until it becomes solid.

What is an example of fabrication?

Nearly all metal structures and products have undergone fabrication to enable them to meet the requirements of the end user.

One example of this is steel staircases with mezzanine floors, which can be transformed into impressive spaces by use of other materials, such as glass and wood.

Another example is residential and industrial fencing and gates.

Additional examples include steel and glass balustrades and balconies, which can add considerable value to properties.

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A guide to metal fabrication
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