Bespoke balconies for summer 2016

Okay, so right now, we probably feel like we really are miles away the warmer months of summer. In fact, with a large proportion of the UK having just experienced major storms and dealing with the effects of severe flooding, summer has actually never felt further away.

That said, if we allow ourselves to appreciate the glimpse of sunshine we do get on sunny winter days, we can look with positive eyes towards the summer and the longer, lighter, warmer days that come with it.

And what better way to spend part of your long summer day than on your own bespoke balcony?

Bespoke balconies from Carter Fabrications

At Carter Fabrications, we supply and install high-quality balconies that will make the perfect addition to your property in 2016. Our steel and metal fabrication specialists make balconies from glass, stainless steel and wrought iron, and they are undoubtedly manufactured and finished to an incredibly high standard.

Our wealth of experience in the industry has given us the skills and knowledge to provide outstanding balconies and offer an impressive service. In addition to balconies, we provide platforms in a number of designs, which make the perfect finishing touch to any balcony.

Bespoke steel and glass balconies from Carter Fabrications (perfect for summer!)

Imagine sitting back and relaxing on your very own balcony this summer…Perhaps you’re reading a book, sipping cocktails or putting your feet up with a cuppa. Whatever you imagine, here at Carter Fabrications, we can help your dream come true!

Not only are our modern balconies available in a wide range of contemporary and traditional designs, we also offer bespoke options so that all balconies can be made to our customers’ exact specifications.

Ultimately, you can choose each and every aspect of your balcony, so that it is made to suit you!

We also offer balconies for commercial environments. Therefore, whether you are looking for a domestic or commercial balcony for summer 2016, we can help here at Carter Fabrications.

Are you interested in a bespoke balcony from Carter Fabrications?

A brand new bespoke balcony from Carter Fabrications, whether it’s for domestic or commercial use, will undoubtedly impress visitors this summer and can be used in all environments.

As well as making your life more comfortable or your business more impressive, balconies from Carter Fabrications can undoubtedly add extra value to a property and also have an aesthetic quality. Take a look at our bespoke balcony designs.

To find out more about Carter Fabrications and our great range of stainless steel fabrications, give us a call on 01282 420651. If you can’t speak right now, fill out our contact form and a member of staff with get back to you at a more convenient time.

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Bespoke balconies for summer 2016
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