Carter Fabrications Manufacture and Install Fire Escapes of the Highest Standard

It is imperative that for any building there should be a sturdy and reliable fire escape. This is especially the case where the fire escape leads out onto an elevated platform. In the case of a fire it sometimes happens that people panic and this can lead onto shoving and pushing. The fire escapes you have on your establishment must be strong, safe and instill confidence in anyone having to use it.

Let Carter Fabrications Work With You to Create the Design that Suits your Needs

Carter fabrications are specialists of steel and metal fabrication so fire escapes are somewhat of a specialty for us also. With over 25 years experience within the steel and metal fabrication industry, you can be confident that the end product that we present to our customers is of the highest quality and fit for purpose. We are happy to install a fire escape to any environment and offer our designs in a wide range of finishes and designs ensuring that the end product is not only functional but that it complements its surroundings. Fire escapes do not have to be an eyesore on your building and to ensure that the end product is exactly to your specifications we work closely with each customer to ensure the best results. Our designs range from the standard fire escape that serves its purpose, to the spiral design staircases that give an extravagant feel to your building. Whether you require a fire escape installing on a block of flats or prestigious office building we can oblige.

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If you are interested in fire escapes or staircases in Burnley or the North West then you can contact us on 01282 420651 and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to give you more information and answer any queries you might have. For a better idea of the scope of designs we have manufactured and installed for our customers in the past you can browse the many photos on our website that showcases Carter Fabrications talents and abilities in the metal and steel fabrication business.

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Carter Fabrications Manufacture and Install Fire Escapes of the Highest Standard
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