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If you have any elevated areas attached to your property, chances are you will have some form of railing surrounding that area for safety. This is especially the case with balconies, which without a surrounding railing would be a serious health and safety hazard. More and more people are opting for glass balustrading as a railing solution and here at Carter Fabrication we provide balustrading in Lancashire and all over the United Kingdom to bespoke requirements.

Balustrading in Glass, Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron

Not only do we provide glass balustrading, we also offer stainless steel and wrought iron balustrading in Lancashire but glass is proving popular for the benefits it provides as well as the aesthetic qualities of such material.

Glass balustrading from Carter Fabrications is not only reliable and hard wearing but when used as a surround for elevated areas such as balconies, provide you with a better view. This comes at a penalty to the privacy of your balcony. If this would be an issue for you then you could choose to include a translucent glass such as frosted glass. This would reduce visibility but you would still benefit from light penetrating the glass.  As well as the visual benefits, glass balustrading is complete and as such works as a better wind breaker.

Balustrading does not have to necessarily be for safety purposes and can be put in place simply to enhance the attractiveness of a building or it could be used to restrict people from wandering on to certain areas, meaning this works well in public areas.

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Carter Fabrications are leading steel and metalwork specialists and not only provide balustrading but we extend our skills to manufacturing and installing gates, staircases and even fire escape stairs.

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  • […] There are many ways in which you can modernise and enhance the aesthetic properties of a building. Many of which are not a major change but add heaps of style and architectural pizzazz. Including balustrading with your elevated areas in and around the home is one of them, especially glass balustrading which has seen an increase in popularity over recent years and can be seen on homes, public houses and restaurants. Carter Fabrications provide metal and steel fabrication that includes balustrading in Lancashire. […]

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