Choose the best Steel Fire Escape on the Market

At Carter Fabrications we are highly experienced in designing and manufacturing a multitude of metal and steel fabrications such as balconies, balustrading, gates and fire escapes. Having been in the industry for decades, we know what it takes to provide customers with the best possible results and that’s part of the reason why we’ve been able to serve the local area for so long.

With many of our installations, the focus can often be on aesthetic appeal and while that’s always important to us at Carter Fabrications, the safety benefits of something like a steel fire escape are too important to ignore. Ideal for multi story buildings such as offices and flats, steel fire escapes can be the difference between life and death should a fire occur. And by playing such an important role for any building, it makes it even more important that the fire escape of any building should be of the highest quality.

Choose from a Wide Range of Steel Fire Escape Designs

Quality is certainly what our customers have come to expect from Carter Fabrications across all our services and it’s no different with our steel fire escape installations. Using only the best steel, we have fire escapes available in a wide range of designs and finishes to complement any building. Covering both interior and exterior needs, our steel fire escapes are galvanised to ensure a long lasting finish.

As with all of our products, we aim to provide as much to customers as possible which is why, yet again, we are able to collaborate with you to get the design you truly want. You’ll be involved in the entire design process and, with our expertise, will be benefited with the most functional and fulfilling steel fire escape you could possibly buy. Take a closer look at our range of metal fire escapes.

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Feel free to look at the images on our website to see the many impressive fire escapes we’ve already installed for our happy customers or talk to us today when you dial 01282 420 651.

Don’t forget, we also provide high quality high quality steel and glass balustrading.

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Choose the best Steel Fire Escape on the Market
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