Custom built fire escapes

A fire escape is essential for businesses and public spaces in order to adhere to fire safety regulations. Carter Fabrications design, build and install custom built fire escapes that meet your requirements.

Not only are Carter Fabrications highly-skilled and experienced in steel fabrications, we will consider what your business needs in order to provide the perfect fire escape for your commercial specifications.

Metal Fire Escapes

Our customers are always happy with the fire escapes we install in their commercial or public buildings. Some people also opt for a custom built fire escape to be fitted in their home.

After all, many leasehold buildings will require a fire escape to be fitted for safety and legal reasons.

Therefore, if you would like to make your business or domestic property safer for 2019, look no further than Carter Fabrications. We can provide a custom-built fire escape that will ensure your building is safe and secure.

Carter Fabrications have worked in the steel industry for over 25 years and we are confident that we can produce high-quality fire escapes that are impressive for both safety and aesthetical reasons.

We provide a range of designs and finishes for you to choose from so that you have the perfect requirements for your specific location. Check out our latest fire escape stairs designs.

Bespoke Steel Designs from Carter Fabrications

Carter Fabrications create customised products that meet your exact requirements. We also provide a further range of customised products, including balustrades, gates and staircases. All of which are extremely high-quality and made to your design specifications.

Contact Carter Fabrications

If you would like to find out more information about our custom built fire escapes or indeed any other of our steel and metal fabrications, then please contact us online or speak to a member of the Carter Fabrications team directly by calling us on 01282 420651 or 07811 534 563.

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Custom built fire escapes
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