Glass, Stainless Steel or Wrought Iron Balustrading in Lancashire

There are many ways in which you can modernise and enhance the aesthetic properties of a building. Many of which are not a major change but add heaps of style and architectural pizzazz. Including balustrading with your elevated areas in and around the property is one of them, especially glass balustrading which has seen an increase in popularity over recent years and can be seen on homes, public houses and restaurants. Carter Fabrications provide metal and steel fabrications for a wide variety of projects.

Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Elevated Areas

Balconies especially are an ideal area in which to include balustrading and with the new laws regarding smoking indoors being prohibited; balconies are becoming ever more prevalent on establishments such as pubs and restaurants.

Balustrading in Lancashire not only benefits a property on an aesthetic and practical level but the type of balustrading you choice offers different benefits. Glass balustrading provides better visuals and is much safer than individual balusters. In addition, glass balustrading also acts as a wind guard meaning you will enjoy some level of shelter.

It is your choice what type of balustrading in Lancashire you choose, whether it’s glass, stainless steel or wrought iron, Carter Fabrications can oblige. We have been specialising in all aspects of metal work for almost half a century and have gained the experience and knowledge that makes us capable of providing an unrivalled service. We are adept at working to bespoke requirements and achieving the best results.

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Glass, Stainless Steel or Wrought Iron Balustrading in Lancashire
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