Update Your Home With a Bespoke Glass Balustrade Feature

People are always looking for ways to update and improve their home, to benefit them now and in the future should they decide to sell their property. Usually, people look into buying conservatories, new kitchens or even converting their garage, but there’s something else that can have a hugely positive effect on your home. It’s becoming more and more common for brand new housing to feature balustrading on its staircases and with Carter Fabrications it can be installed in your home too.

We provide balustrading with a range of high quality materials including stainless steel, wrought-iron and glass. Each has their own benefits and we are experienced at installing a number of different designs and styles to suit a variety of domestic and commercial environments, but glass balustrading in particular offers some tremendous advantages.

Create more space with Glass Balustrading

People are always looking at ways to create space, or to make rooms appear larger and with glass balustrading you can make narrow areas such as landings look a whole lot bigger with transparent material. Glass balustrading excels in increasing the amount of light within a confined space, making it appear bigger and brighter.

Another area glass balustrading shines is by seamlessly merging rooms. For example, glass can be great for the overall theme of a house, making upstairs and downstairs appear in sync rather than coming off as two completely separate areas. Having areas of the house complement each other in this way is a wonderful way to add style, elegance and sophistication to any home. We have uploaded visual examples of our latest work involving glass balustrade installations.

Stair Balustrade Features Specific to your Needs

All our work on balustrading is carried out to the smallest detail, adhering to bespoke specifications and working with customers to achieve brilliant results. Find out more about home improvement services at Carter Fabrications.

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Update Your Home With a Bespoke Glass Balustrade Feature
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