Looking for Specialists of Custom Steel Fabrications in Burnley?

The team at Carter Fabrications are often asked the same question. ‘Can you complete the steel fabrication work I request? I can’t see it on your website’. The truth is, we can complete almost any type of metal and steel fabrications in Lancashire and of course, for the rest of the country. In fact, we get a large proportion of requests for steel fabrications from the South of England because we offer unbelievable value for money without compromising on quality.

Because we have worked in the metal and steel fabrications industry for almost half a century, we have gathered the skills and experience that allows us to manufacture and install a range of custom metal fabrications and our latest projects are testament to our ability to deliver the results our customers expect.

Spiral Staircase – Manufacture and Installation

One of our latest projects involved the manufacture and installation of a spiral staircase with a helical stringer. Spiral staircases not only look striking, they are also an excellent space saving solution. A spiral staircase can be included with a fire escape in the interest of space efficiency or as striking addition to the interior of a property.

Glass Balustrading Available in East Lancs

Although we are renowned as steel and metal fabrication specialists we are able to work with a range of materials. One such material that is becoming increasingly popular to include as balustrading is glass. Glass balustrading in Lancashire is becoming quite fashionable and looks excellent both indoors and out. Mezzanines can be surrounded by glass balustrading which makes them look much more aesthetically pleasing than the standard spindle designs that were once popular. It is also common for balconies to include glass balustrading in Lancashire, this is becoming increasingly popular not only for homes, but for the exterior of public buildings. Kiddy Caos were looking for a specialist of steel fabrications in Burnley and choose Carter Fabrications for our reputation for excellent value and quality work.

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If you are looking for any form of metal or steel fabrication in Lancashire we urge you to contact Carter Fabrications. You can contact the team on 01282 420651 or visit our website and complete the contact form featured in the contact us area of our website and we will contact you.

We will be happy to provide you with any information you may require or to discuss your needs. Visit us online to take a closer look at our home improvement and industrial steel fabrication services.

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Looking for Specialists of Custom Steel Fabrications in Burnley?
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