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As the weather starts to become milder and we start to experience our first of hopefully many sunny days, many people choose this time to focus on preparing their outdoor areas for the summer months. But even if you have the most glorious and well maintained garden or outdoor area, if the surrounding fencing and gate are looking tired and worn this will ruin the overall look. If your railings and gating is compromising the aesthetics of your outdoor areas or garden then Carter Fabrications are here to help. We provide outstanding metal and steel fabrications in Burnley and Lancashire.


Gate and Fencing Metal Fabrications

Wooden fencing looks good and is very functional when around the perimeter of your property but you might find that this takes much more maintenance and may have to be replaced quite regularly. So when you think you might be economising when choosing wooden fences and gating, you are actually choosing false economy. All metal and steel fabrications from Carter Fabrications are not only designed to be pleasing to the eye and to complement their surroundings, but each project is designed to be optimally durable and functional. Learn more about our metal gate fabrication service.

High Quality and Affordable Metal and Steel Fabrications in Burnley

We have been providing metal and steel fabrications in Burnley and Lancashire for almost half a century. Although based in the North West we do not limit our services to this area, we carry out regular projects for the south of England and have even provided metal and steel fabrications internationally.  The reason many choose Carter Fabrications is not only because of our excellent product and ability to work to bespoke specifications in any environment but because of our affordability. For a better idea of the types of projects we have worked on in the past have a browse through our website. Here you will find galleries that include images of our previous work.

If you are looking to renovate your property, check out the complete range of home improvement fabrication services.

Carter Fabrications also specialise in industrial steel fabrications.

Contacting the Carter Fabrications Team

If you are interested in metal and steel fabrications in Burnley, Lancashire or anywhere else for that matter then get in touch. You can contact the Carter Fabrications team by telephone on 01282 420651. Alternatively you can email at or fill out the contact form featured in the contact us section of our website. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Metal and Steel Fabrications in Burnley and Nationwide
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