Modern Steel Fire Escapes by Carter Fabrications

Invented in the 18th century, the first fire escape was a world apart from the fire escapes we are most familiar with today. This very first fire escape was a machine which was fastened to a window. This allowed for evacuees to be lowered to the street without injury. Although the general purpose of a fire escape has not changed, the design, functionality and safety has greatly improved. The solid and reliable metal and steel fire escapes we are more accustomed to today are a vast improvement from the early conception of escape methods. Here at Carter Fabrications we manufacture and install high quality metal and steel fire escapes in any environment, to customer bespoke specification.

Manufacture and Installation of Steel Fire Escapes in Any Environment

We understand that not only do our customers require the manufacture of metal and steel fire escapes to qualities of the highest standard but that it is important that it complements the surroundings. So whether this means you require installation of a fire escape to a block of flats, offices or anywhere else for that matter, we can work closely with you to ensure that the end result is one which not only functions as it should, but that it looks good doing so. Owing to our many years’ experience in the metal and steel fabrication industry we are also more than capable of providing expert guidance and advice.  We are able to work with your design ideas which could mean a standard steel fire escape design or a more grand design in the form of a spiral fire escape.

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Modern Steel Fire Escapes by Carter Fabrications
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