Popular steel installations for Summer 2019

At Carter Fabrications, we craft stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium to high-quality, first class standards for a number of different needs and environments.

Everyone wants to make there home more modern and space friendly, adding features such as ballustrading opens up your home and adds modern features. This summer, steel installations are set to be even more popular and here are some products that we think will be popular this summer 2019.

Steel Installations from Carter Fabrications


At Carter Fabrications, we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing and installing stainless steel, glass and wrought iron balustrades that are extremely high-quality and suitable for both domestic and commercial environments.

We pay extremely close attention to detail for work on all ballustrading materials. This not only delivers excellent results, it also means that we’re able to meet the demands of different customer requirements, whether you want contemporary or traditional designs.


Our staircases and mezzanine floors are available from single to multi-level, for industrial and public sectors throughout the United Kingdom. We adhere to the exact needs of each customer and each one of our exterior staircases and mezzanine floors are galvanised, providing a long-lasting, first-class finish.

Have you ever considered a glass stair case? We have a range of beautiful glass stairs designs available.


What better way to enjoy some sunshine from your home than with a high-quality steel balcony from Carter Fabrications?

Whether you live in the city or country, a balcony can undoubtedly offer you the opportunity to soak up the sunshine from the comfort of your property. Particularly popular in homes without a garden, a balcony offers space for both relaxing and enjoying, as well as practical activities, like pegging out the washing.

Our high quality balconies from Carter Fabrications are made from glass, stainless steel and wrought iron. Because we have such vast experience creating bespoke balconies for a number of commercial and domestic properties, we have the skills and knowledge to make sure we provide our customers with a high standard of balconies. We can also provide platforms in a number of designs, which make for the perfect finishing touch to any balcony. We have a massive range of balcony designs available and we can make a balcony to fit your style, take a look at some of out balcony designs.


Our standard, electric and automated wrought iron and metal gates are suitable for both commercial and public properties. What’s more, our metal gates are the finest in the North West.

Our experience spans two decades and, therefore, we are proud to offer an exceptional service, with excellent craftsmanship.

We utilise the finest traditional and contemporary methods in order to provide beautiful and functional wooden, iron and metal gates that can meet your unique requirements, down to the smallest detail. If you’re looking to get steel gates installed ready for some 2019, take a look at our range of railings, gates and security fencing.

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Carter Fabrications are happy to talk to you about your specific needs when it comes to improving your home. Adding balconies, gates, ballustrades and more can change the whole look and feel of your property. You can get in touch with our expert team online to get more information about what we can do for you, or alternatively give us a call on 01282 420651, 07811 534 563 or 07931 366 303.

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Popular steel installations for Summer 2019
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