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At Carter Fabrications during the last few years we’ve notice that more and more people have been choosing to install glass staircases in their homes and places of work. Part of the reason is due to contemporary design and the changes in architectural trends, while major improvements in regards to glass strength has enabled more structural creations to be made from glass.

So what’s so good about Glass Staircases?

As a culture we’re drawn to shiny things and things which standout – glass is definitely one of them. Glass staircases look stunning in any home and any setting, their pristine and clear design highly attractive and their modernity making them decidedly fashionable. From a business’s point of view, their eye-catching nature can only attract customers into premises, ideal if the environment is a commercial store (the next time you go into the mega store of a certain world renwoned smartphone and tablet provider, notice what type of staircases they have and notice how beautiful it looks).

In smaller homes the notion has long been that you can create more light and the illusion of space with the use of mirrors and the same can be said of glass staircases. In comparison to regular steel or timber staircases, glass doesn’t offer the same bulkiness which can dominate landings and hallways, making them appear smaller and darker. Glass, not only looks great but can help provide homes and businesses with an open and fresh positive atmosphere.

Being easy to clean is another major benefit they have over regular staircases. As glass doesn’t attract much dust, all you need to clean them with is glass cleaner and a cloth – simple. This should be music to the ears of any homeowner or cleaner as it frees up their time to focus on completing other tasks.

Carter Fabrications are experienced glass staircase installers and can manufacture to your specific designs. We will come and measure your environment, work with you on a design and produce a stunning glass staircase that’s sure to impress. Check out our glass staircase ideas for improving homes and businesses.

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Purchase Beautiful Glass Staircases from Carter Fabrications
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