Three types of metal fabrication

Carter Fabrications are experts in steel and metal fabrication and we have years of experience in creating unique metal structures. The metal and steel work from Carter Fabrications is of the highest standard and we are dedicated to finding new ways of creating unique metal structures.

There are a range of options you can choose from to add features to your home, including bars, staircases, balustrades and more. We can also create bespoke items for you if there’s an item you would like creating.

Bespoke steel fabrications

Our work includes steel, glass and metal works giving you can the option to choose from the most suitable material for your domestic or commercial property. Glass works well in contemporary properties on staircases and as balustrades. There are many types of steel fabrications available from Carter Fabrications to help you add character and value to your property.


Railings and fencing are a type of metal fabrication that are useful in numerous properties. Railings can add security to any home, as well as add a sense of grandeur.

Tall and short railings are popular for domestic and commercial properties. Tall railings provide maximum security while short railings are more decorative and can border flowerbeds and small gardens. Installing metal railings on your property can also increase its value and overall appearance. Take a closer look at our Bespoke Railings.


Staircases are a feature in any home, but with steel fabrications from Carter Fabrications, your staircase can stand out. Spiral staircases are becoming more popular in contemporary, new homes and our skilled team can create a bespoke spiral staircase matching your preference and tastes.

Carter Fabrications have also created outstanding staircases with glass balustrades and steps for a modern staircase. Glass staircases work beautifully with mezzanine floors to show off the beauty of the finished look. Find out more about our bespoke staircases.


Balconies area popular type of metal fabrication that can work well in domestic properties, including detached houses, apartments as well as commercial buildings like hotels and restaurants.

Our balconies are designed for practical purpose, but are also finished to the highest quality for a luxury aesthetic. Choose from a range of balconies that are made from glass, stainless steel and wrought iron with Carter Fabrications. Discover Carter Fabrications stainless steel balconies.

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Three types of metal fabrication
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