Transform your home with a contemporary staircase

Contemporary staircases are hugely fashionable in many types of home at the moment. Whether your house is a large traditional type house or a smaller, modern one, you’ll find a contemporary staircase to heighten your property’s sense of style with a contemporary stair case from Carter Fabrications.

Contemporary staircases really do have the ability to make people stop and take notice of them, in whatever home they are installed in. Contemporary stairs have only been around for about 7 years, but have most definitely become very popular in a wide range of homes, particularly contemporary homes. Many modern staircases feature glass to heighten the sense of space and create a more open feel and sense of grandeur. Modern staircases from Carter Fabrications are designed with both practicality and luxury in mind, and can definitely add value to your home.

Unique staircases from Carter Fabrications

An important element of a modern staircase is the fact that it is designed to suit a particular home and your bespoke requirements.

Carter Fabrications work with our customers throughout the whole of the design and manufacturing process to create a unique, modern staircase that is completely tailored to your particular requirements.

We offer advice where needed and do our best to create your dream staircase, exactly how you want it.

Mezzanine floor

A mezzanine floor is similar to a balcony and makes a great addition to a contemporary staircase and most definitely adds the real ‘wow-factor’ to your home.

Carter Fabrications can create the perfect combination of a mezzanine floor and modern staircase for your home that nobody else will have.

Our mezzanine floors and modern staircases are made from steel and glass, and offer the most prestigious form of luxury living.

Install a contemporary staircase from Carter Fabrications

If you are interested in our modern staircases or mezzanine floor, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Carter Fabrications and we are more than happy to provide you with the advice you need to create the perfect modern staircase for your property. You can also enquire direct by calling the team on 01282 420651.

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Transform your home with a contemporary staircase
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